Summer Heat and Packaging Films

The temperature inside the production and packaging facilities rises drastically during summer. The reason you don’t want this temperature to rise in the production unit is that the heat can spoil the items you are packing. And the reason you don’t want the temperature to rise in the packaging unit is that you don’t want the packaging process to face issues. The biggest impact of heat appears on the packaging films kept in packaging facility.

Tips to keep PVC away from heat

The first thing that you have to take into the account here is that you need to keep the PVC away from heat but you also need to make sure that it is not getting frozen.

  • First of all, you will need to find the coolest spot in your warehouse to keep the PVC and packaging films. This coolest place must not be a refrigerator. The lowest portion of the pallet racks is the best place where you can keep these films. You have to make sure that you are not keeping films in direct sunlight. And you will also have to arrange this storage place away from the area which gets hot due to packaging operations. This way, you will be able to ensure the usability of packaging films for a longer period of time.
  • While you may be convinced about not putting packaging films and rolls in the hot places, you have to make sure that you are not placing these packaging materials in extremely cold temperatures. The freezing temperatures can hamper the ability of PVC and shrink film to stick around the product. These cold temperatures can also cause damage to the packaging materials. If you are packaging frozen foods, you can use a high quality polyolefin film instead.
  • While storing the packaging film for future use, you are going to have to make sure that those films do not get sticky during the time they are kept in the storage. The stickiness of those films means that they have received heat. If you have found two rolls placed together stuck with each other, you need to avoid using those rolls because they are not going to provide optimal packaging of the products. Therefore, you will need to find cold rolls to use.
  • A packaging film which has seen too much heat while being stored may begin to sag from the edges. There may also be bagging on the film. If you are using such films, it is going to mess up the tracking on packaging machinery. These issues can affect the entire packaging process quite badly.

Remember, keeping the packaging film safe from extreme temperature changes is an absolute necessity.


Some Tips and Tricks for Shipping

So, you have decided to start an online business. That’s great because this is the modern way to earn something big in the recent era. But, there are some prerequisites that you will need to consider if you want to maintain good performance of your business throughout the time you want to continue with the business. One of the major requirements which you will have to take into consideration is the shipping of your products. Although promotion and marketing are also quite important, you are going to take care of them anyway because this is what an online business is all about. Effective shipping of your products builds your reputation among your customers and it can be a marketing tool to turn potential customers into existing ones.

Having that said, there are a few basics which are worth talking about.

Options for shipping

There are different shipping options that you can offer to your customers. Some of those options are free, flat rate, real-cost, and same-day delivery. The options you offer mainly depend upon your willingness to spend money and what your competitors do.

Remember, charging too much for the shipping can end up making you lose the customers.

Shipping options from the perspective of carriers

There are generally two shipping options that you can choose from, i.e. ground and air. If it is OK for the package to be delivered in a matter of weeks, you can go for the ground option because it is the cheapest one. However, if your customer demands faster delivery, you can go for air option.

Billable weight

There are two ways you can count the weight of the package. One is the actual weight and another one is the dimensional weight. Weight of the package is the actual weight. Fractions are rounded up to make the next pound.

Density of the package is known as dimensional weight. Dimensional weight of the package is calculated by obtaining the product of length, width and height, and dividing that product by 166 for the domestic packages and by 139 for international packages. The measurements are done in inches.

Choose right shipping service provider

The prices listed on the shipping service providers’ websites are not the final ones. There is always a room for discount no matter how small business you are. You can talk to the small business representatives of the companies.

First, you need to create an online account in the company’s website. That online account is going to help track the progress of your package. If you are shipping more number of times, you can have the leverage to negotiate over the shipping costs.

Many of the providers offer flat-rate boxes free of any costs. You can get those boxes to have a financial benefit.

Moving Scams That You Should Avoid


According to data shared during Protect Your Move campaign by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the number of people who fall victim of moving scams every year is terribly higher. Packing your worldly possessions is stressful. And when you realize that you have been looted by one of the scammers of moving industry, you will definitely feel more pain of all your troubles in the process.

Instead of getting afraid, you just need have basic awareness so that you would be able to prevent from being a victim.

Scam # 1: ‘Kidnapping’ of household items

It’s a common case that a mover starts traveling to destination after finalizing the deal and loading your items, but then refuses to unload the items, asking for more money to be paid. It happens across the country and in every state.

According to data shown by Protect Your Move, 1 in 10 moving events was found affected by this items’ kidnapping scam when the data of 36 million moving events was analyzed.

To avoid such mishaps, you can ask the company to give you written fee details for every process. Furthermore, you can choose to sit next to the truck’s driver. That is possible when you make your move a bit hybrid, i.e. doing some DIY work along with hiring full service.

Scam # 2: Wrong Scale

Interstate mover charge the fees after getting the entire luggage weighed. Sometimes, a company may give you an estimate of weight and resulted lower price due to less weight. But then, they might come up with a higher price after picking the items from your place and weighing them at their place. The best option here is to go along with the movers to the weighing unit and note the weight. This way, you can avoid this scam.

Scam # 3: The dishonest broker

Many fake moving companies work as brokers by quoting the price of cheap movers in the area. When you finalize deal with them, they would ask for the upfront payment and sell your move to the moving company. The thing that would be shocking for you is that the moving company may come up with different higher price that you weren’t expecting. Upon complaining, the company would say that they don’t know about the quotes you got from the broker. Upon calling broker, you might be told that your move is now a responsibility of the moving company and that the broker is now totally out of the deal.

The best way you can avoid this scenario is to reach to the legitimate moving companies instead of falling for the attractive and unrealistic offers that stranger make.

Scam # 4: Deliberately hidden charges

Some of the companies can offer the move by giving you an extremely low estimate. On the moving day, they may start charging you from several different aspects that you didn’t know about. For example, they may ask for the fee of protecting your delicate items and for fuel of the truck. They may even charge you brutally for the boxes while everyone knows that it isn’t difficult to get cheap moving boxes.

The best solution to this problem is to hire a professional and legitimate company, and always ask for the complete details involved in the move.